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Kikoi Trading was founded in May 2003 in Finland by Maija Reinikainen, who has lived in Kenya for 17 years and was born there. She knows the Swahili language and has thus been able to utilize her background in her work.


Kikoi buys the products straight from the local artisans, and supports their business at a very grass root level. Selling the beautiful hand-made Kikoi products has a remarkable significance in the lives of these artisans. It improves their living conditions and enables them to pay for their children´s school fees and gives them the right kind of dignity. It is rewarding to see the gratitude of the artisans when they get orders and the diligence they have in their work.




Kikoi Trading imports Scandinavian style high quality bags, jewellery, interior items and gifts, many of which are made of recycled and natural materials. Purchasing a Kikoi product you are one of those who support the living of many poor families in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.


Kikoi purchase is a life changing purchase.


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Kikoi Victoria

Victoria basket, natural

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