Seeking significant social impact by empowering people through dignified work and expression of self. Combining the pursuit of beauty in the developed world with the pursuit of freedom and independence in the developing world.




Weranna’s is an ethical products distributor and a feel-good home decor webshop for You all, who love beautiful things and are keen on products, which can be described in more ways than giving the brand. You might also think that it is even better, if by purchasing a product (whether a necessity or unnecessary) You at the same time do some good.


The selection is built with feel-good treasures which have, in addition to their beauty, something to say. Ethical products, which move us (fascinate, or even make us emotional) from variety of brands have been gathered together. There are both unique pieces, which we can source to you by request, and small scale production of hand-made items. All the ethical design products we represent are rather chunky than delicate, rather crisp and lasting than tidy and consumable. Simple and good-quality beauties, which are also appreciated by the producer.




We love everything hand-made, made of natural materials. We are for fair-trade and charity production, and support women’s rights and entrepreneurship all over the world. Weranna’s demands a lot from its partners, which have confirmed with written documentation that the products are made according to one or more principles. We have also visited the production sites – it is lovely to see how the products are born in the hands of talented artisans.




Our own brands Kikoi and Cottonhut represent all the values we promote. We also work closely with Kenana Knitters, Blockwallah and other brands, which have production in countries, which traditionally have been acting as raw material producers, and further steps of the refinement process have taken place elsewhere. Enterprises, which support female employment and entrepreneurship. Enterprises which stand for natural materials. Enterprises which seriously care for the well-being of their subcontractors and partners.


As a company we also save where ever possible – we are running a 90% paperless office, and our products are mostly sold without packaging. Always, when possible, in re-used cartons. All our catalogues are digital and can be found at By simply purchasing one or more of our products, you do good. Join us in creating feel-good homes.