New to Finland Dr. Vranjes Firenze fragrances found their way to our selection this spring. These home and linen fragrances really smell fresh and clean – tester bottles are soon empty due all the spraying in the warehouse.

The nose of the Italian founder, Paolo Vranjes, was perfected to the world of perfumes in early childhood. His grandfather was a fragrance enthusiast and his collection of perfumes from all over the world was the thing that awoke Paolo's interest to the subject. All the days Paolo spent with his grandfather trying to understand the magic behind the beautiful, transparent perfume bottles and their contents can be found in every bottle of Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrances.





Company's philosophy is to provide a carefully thought decoration items that are delight to eye and the sense of smell. Every fragrance has it's own purpose and every one is designed to fit in particular room.

"Following the concept of aromatherapy, aromacology and the importance of olfactory memory, already tested worldwide by spas, translating them into a wide range of perfumes designed to improve each room according to its function and its decoration."


Pretty home fragrance bottle in bathroom really creates a spa-like-feeling. A true everyday luxury! Linen fragrances can be used either spraying them directly to the linen or when ironing them. Good-smelling towels and sheets finish the home spa experience. To see our whole Dr. Vranjes Firenze selection please click here.

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