”Handicrafts have always been part of my life, even though there has been times when I haven’t been so active in making them. Designing is really enjoyable; I almost always edit the given knitting pattern to make something that really fits my style.

Couple years ago I knitted a poncho for myself. It became the best piece of clothing ever! I got so inspired by real, ecological wool and found myself hoping that I would have more time to design and knit. By accident I met Riikka and Maijakaisa from Weranna’s and one day they asked if I would be interested in designing a collection for them! That poncho would be the core of it.


Pocho on Valeriya



I just love wool and natural colors! I started to knit and desing. I wrote down knitting instructions and draw pictures. It was so exiting to take the designs to the airport for Maijakaisa to take them to Kenya with her.

Take care of my treasure and send my love to the lovely, hard-working ladies there!



Now after all designing there are a poncho, leg warmers and fingerless mittens in the collection. It is important to me that the products are knitted from local wool in Kenya. Equally important is that the ladies can earn money by knitting something I designed." 


Leg warmers

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Salla Thure