This year's summer collection (see the catalogue here) we are glad and proud to present the newest additions to make your summer even better; we have new colourful towels, huge picnic mat and reversable cotton bags, thanks to our great new partner in Nairobi, Kenya.




Maija tells: "It was a funny co-insidence, in August we were in Formex fair in Stockholm, as we usually are, and met this wonderful woman who turned out to be a runner of a cotton workshop in Nairobi. Few months later during our visit in Kenya, we met her there, at the workshop, which was amazing! We were really exited and grateful for meeting her."


Kiboko workers


Kikoi or Kikoy fabrics, where the name of one of our trademark also comes from, is mainly an East-African piece of clothing. It was originally worn by men as a wrap around, but nowadays it has become an all purpose item. Kikoi's as they are used as towels, dresses, head pieces, scarves, table cloths, yoga mats, baby carriers –you name it! It's made of 100 % cotton with colourful stripes. Kikoi Trading's kikois come with a horn bracelet that you can use to help to tie the fabric to a dress or use it just as a bracelet.


Kikoi hanging


The workshop started with about 20 workers and during two decades it has expanded and nowadays it employs about 100 workers. They sell items in Kenya as well as export them. They also have the official Fair Trade certificate, which quarantees good quality of material and good working conditions and a fair wage for the workers. To get the certificate you also need to take account environmental aspects of your production.

Because the Kikoy fabric is thin, it drys really fast if used as a towel. It also takes a little space in a bag so it makes the ultimate companion to gym or to travel.


Kikoi in a bag


Stripe pattern kikoi fabrics can of course be also cut and sewn into clothing as well. Our opinion in Weranna's is that kikoi pants are the best pyjamas in the world, but of course we might be a little biased to say this. Let's see what the next summer collection brings from Kenya...



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