Monday was here a public holiday, even though nobody really knew why, so the workshop was closed. Due this extra free time, Kerry and Kay were kind enough and took me to see some African wild life. I was thrilled of course, I might see hippos and rhinos and lions!

So off we went, with Kerry’s Land Rover, which has a roof hatch to get the best view. I was told to be careful with baboons because they might be nasty and steal stuff and even bite. Luckily we had no encounters with evil baboons the whole day, even though Death by Baboons was added to the joke list of All the Ways to Kill a Intern.

Very soon after entering the park, there were a big herd of Buffalos and right next to it, Zebras and Impalas. So that was one down on the Big Five list (Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Lion and Leopard). After admiring them for a while, we continued driving. Here and there there were dead buffalos (the stink is quite bad even though you might not actually see the kill) which was a sign that there are lions somewhere close. But the whole day we spent in the park, we didn’t see one lion. Or leopard for that matter, even though we saw whole lot of “this would be a perfect tree for a leopard to snooze”.



For lunch we went to the new lodge in the park, which was pretty and had quite amazing view over the park. Food was delicious, even though the dessert table while looking pretty tasted horrible. We had endless fun trying to analyze what fruits were used in the cheesecakes, because nothing really tasted like anything. With full stomach we continued the game, trying to spot more animals. And we did, waterbucks, warthog, giraffes, dung beetle and all kinds of birds. The most amazing thing was that we saw 10 rhinos during the day. Three black rhinos and seven white ones. The name has nothing to do with the actual color of the animal, as I was politely told when I tried to spot which one it was by saying, “it’s quite brown so it must be a black rhino”.



And when heading out and passing a lake my last wish was granted when there was a hippo, the most deadly African animal, swimming. Total two from the Big Five, which is quite good for one day! And I survied the baboons, the hippo and the running rhinos!


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Salla Thure