Beach weathers are soon here, and our skins are all stuffed after long winter here in North. Some scrubbing will do wonders to dull, not-shining skin.You can easily make your own scrub at home, from kitchen products!

Mix some sea salt to oil (olive, almond coconut) and for scent add some juice from citron or from orange. Go through your body skin with round movements towards the heart. Rinse thoroughly and apply some lotion to your skin for finishing touch.

For face, sea salt might be too rough, so you may use ground coffee for facial scrub. Some commercial scrubs have pieces of plastic as the scrubbing ingredient. Using home made scrub is thus better for nature.

Feet can be tricky some times, but Kikoi has a solution for that. Lava stone from Mount Longonot is the best - rough enough but gentle at the same time. Kenyan women have been using is ages for their feet.

If you don’t like playing your own cosmetic lab, we sell the best scrub you can by – Kalahari scrub.

More recipes for delicious scrubs can be found from here.


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Salla Thure