I wanted to understand the reason why something might go wrong when knitting a toy and why some items need to be send back from quality check. (Check the total process of toys here) Best way to do it is to try to be a Kenana Knitter and make a toy. So I went to Evalyn, and she issued me the toy of her choice, which happened to be cotton Self Zebra medium. She gave me needles, pattern and yarn and during the weekend I knitted. There were total 15 pieces to complete one medium Zebra! From the very beginning I decided to do exactly as the instructions say and undo every part I might make a mistake in, even though I hate undoing, to make it perfect.

When I was done with the pieces, I started to sew them together. It took surprisingly long time. Mane was the most annoying part to make to be honest. Kay then made a quality check to it and gave me feedback. My knitting is too loose and therefore the zebra is too fat. Other thing was that there should be a few black stitches on the white in the ears so they would look more like ears which I had forgotten to do. My seams were tight, she could not undo them with her checking needle, but I should have used white yarn when sewing white parts and black when sewing black instead just sewing it with only black yarn. In the end, if I undo the tummy seams and take a few rows in while sewing them back using correct colors so that the zebra ends up little thinner, and if I fix the ears and sew the head a little firmer, she would have bought it. If I was a knitter, they would have written to my files that I'm a loose knitter and next time I would have been given smaller needles.

Sewing the zebra

I showed it to Anna and told her the feedback I got, she was lovely and told me "you tried, next time use thinner needles to make it perfect, well done!". I was quite pleased with myself and my shelf zebra. He is going to go as a gift for a friend, with all his imperfectnes.

Finished Zebra



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