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Cottonhut RUG runner. Handwoven in Finland. 100% Linen.
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Cottonhut's crispy RUG textiles are a true must-have. Designed in Finland, and woven traditionally by hand using surprising materials like Linen, Jute and Denim. * * * Cottonhut is a home textiles and accessories brand established in Sweden 2011, even though the roots of the owners sit tightly in Finland. Most of Cottonhut's sub-contractors are small enterprises or individual artisans who take pride of their work, or Fair Trade Organizations, which see that the workers get a fair salary for the work done under controlled and decent working conditions. Cottonhut sees the products used in a log house in Lapland, at a summer-place by the sea, or in a country home where the hub is a large, all-purpose kitchen. Cozy and comfortable, Cottonhut products don't leave you cold.

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Size 60 x 150 cm

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