Kikoi delikatessen was founded on love towards world's best tastes, freshness and fair trade. It originates from the joy of offering delicious, good-smelling and fair moment to others. Take some time with your loved ones and together enjoy the aromas of Kikoi Delikatessen.


Kikoi coffee is 100 % Arabica coffee and is directly bought from the farm of Kensam in Embu. Three different flavours are made by using different bean sizes and different roasting. As beans or filter coffee.

- Kenyan AA, medium roast, is made only from the biggest beans found, 7,2 mm. It tastes fruity and has a hint of redcurrant in it.

- Gourmet, medium roast, is made from selection of beans, the biggest beans and the special beans that has grown together, called PB. It has hint of passion fruit in it.

- Espresso is made form smaller beans and is the base of all special coffees, lattes and cappuccinos. Dark roasted espresso is strong and has hint of dark chocolate in it.

Mshipa wa kahawa unakuna! - Kahvihermo kutisee!


Kikoi tea grows on small tea plants in the Kirinyaga county in Kenya. The county lies around 1700 meters above sea level. The hand-picked Kikoi tea leaves travel from the plants to the Kangaita Tea Factory, where the tea is dryed.

In the process, the black tea is allowed to oxidize until the very end, whereas the oxidation of green tea is stopped immediately be predisposing the tea leaves to heat.

Three flavours, green, black and black with ginger. 

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