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Kikoi jewelry and key rings are purchased directly from the artisans themselves, or from groups of women, who gather regularly to make the jewelry ordered. The jewelry is mainly made of recycled materials like glass, metal and paper, bone, often used together with common African seeds, berries and beads like Job’s Tears and coconut not to forget the most beautiful hand made ceramic pearls.


One of Kikoi’s main partners is one of the many work centers in Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya, where all the Kikoi paper pearls are made by hand. The recycled paper, whether magazines or other used paper, is first cut into long strips, and then rolled, glued and lacquered to desired sized, colored and shaped pearls.


Due to Kikoi’s frequent visits to Kenya, we have been able to provide the center with our customer’s own material, for example important calendars or newspapers, and turned these into very special and unique pieces of jewelry.


We have also brought to Kenya some used Ice Hockey tickets, and the pearls have been sold to support the ice hockey team. The opportunities are endless with this beautiful product!




It never fails to surprise us at Kikoi how unnecessary it is to worry about waste in the countries we operate in. ALL material which in some way can be utilized, will be utilized..


A very good example of this is the cow horns, which are a side-material of the farming and butchery industry. Every inch of the beautiful bone of cow horns is used – the bottom part for bracelets of different size. The next part for napkin holders. And the narrow part – for jewelry and key rings.



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