Sarobidy Maternity Center


Empowering impoverished women in Madagascar with truth, education and compassionate medical care during pregnancy, labor and birth, and the newborn period


'We were priviledged to pay a visit to Sarobidy Maternity center in December 2014. We saw with our own eyes the human-centered activities of the center, and the lovely pregnant women, and moms with their cute babies. The moms and moms-to-be - not forgetting the babies - got compassionate and professional training, monitoring and healthcare. All in all - what a convincing project!' tells Maija, the founder of Kikoi.


'We spent 4 interesting days planning and designing products that the women of Sarobidy (ladies that have gone through the 12-month program) could easily make in the center, and which would fit into Kikoi Jewelry collection. We also found some lovely products from the community around. By acting as our local purchasing agent, Sarobidy is able to get additional funding to maintain their important project. The first Sarobidy shipment is expected to arrive in May 2015!'


Women throughout the world deliver their babies at home, alone and unassisted. Other times, they deliver in facilities that are understocked in equipment, medications and professional resources. In both instances, when complications arise, disaster ensues. Babies die, women die, children are orphaned and families are broken. Madagascar is no different. Here, a woman’s lifetime risk that she’ll die in childbirth is 1 in 45. Just for comparison, the rate is 1 in 3,800 in developing countries.


The Sarobidy Maternity Center is slowly and passionately working to change this– one mother and one baby at a time. At the heart of our 12-month long program is a midwifery model that is based on quality medical care, compassion, love and relationship building. We know the women by name, we know their stories, we cry with them, rejoice with them and pray with them. We walk with them through their pregnancy, support them through a safe delivery and postpartum period, and empower them with knowledge to care for their new babies. Sarobidy is the word for precious in Malagasy.


We believe that life is precious and that the family unit is precious. We believe that every woman has the right to quality and compassionate medical care and education as it relates to her pregnancy, baby, birth and the time following birth.


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Sarobidy Maternity Center