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Paper pearl key lanyard, yellow with blue pearl

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Kikoi bowl, banana tree

Korg, bananträ

396,00 kr
Cottonhut Linnematta, svart

Linnematta, svart

1 673,10 kr
Kenana wool yarn, blue
Kikoi runner, banana tree
Cottonhut BELUGA sjöstjärna

BELUGA sjöstjärna

Ordinarie pris 267,30 kr

Special Price 133,65 kr

Bracelet, aluminium
Dr. Vranjes Firenze Linen Frangrance, Aria

Kalahari saltbad

366,30 kr
Herbjar, thyme

Träblock, räv 1

118,80 kr
Kikoi runner, banana tree

Slut i lager

Dish cloth, black

Disktrasa, grå

118,80 kr

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How The Poncho (yes, with capitals) and the accessories came to life? From the needles of one true handicraft lover in Finland. From the coincidence of meeting new people. From the genuine will to make change, stitch by stitch. Heidi tells her side of the design story.



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