This week there were a group of medstudents and a vet student visiting the Kembu campsite of the farm. They visited hospital in Nakuru and went for a hike to mountain nearby. Unfortunately one of them got sick and couldn’t go hiking so she came down here to the Knitters to spend the afternoon with us. After chatting for a while, we found out that she has always wanted to learn how to knit. So of course then I found her needles and ball of yarn and we started to teach her. Because my continental way of knitting was something she hadn’t seen before, we went to Anna and asked her to teach the English way. To remember what she should do, she started sort of singing Anna’s instructions “down in the middle, loop around, up in the middle”. It took her 7,5 cm of knitting before she stopped to sing aloud.



Besides teaching knitting to random visitors I have taught the ladies to knit for example in circle. I have drawn patterns for the new items we have designed and made decisions about them. Like for example the hat, I first knitted one by myself, then draw it down, (amount of the stitches, the cables, increases, decreases) gave it to “the system” ( Paddy to check it, Evelyn to issue it to Mary). Then I taught, or showed, Mary how to knit with circular needles and made sure she understands the drawn cable. After Evelyn translated her in Swahlii what I try to tell her in English, she did understand. And soon there was a finished hat!


On Monday it was a national holiday, so we went to the Nakuru Game Park, later this week I'll tell you which animals we saw!

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Salla Thure