First full week is now done, filled with different kind of product planning related decisions made with Paddy, “let’s do like this but change this and that”. On Monday and Tuesday we had lovely visitors when Maijakaisa and Riikka came here. The air of the workshop was instantly filled with buzz of ideas and shouts of “wow, we want that!”.

Even though Markus didn't come to Njoro this time, his presence was replaced by a sheep. This giant sheep is made for Werannas to use in fairs, but we couldn’t stop laughing when we realized that when it sits it really looks like Markus.

Markus the Sheep was packed and it is soon on it’s way to Finland. Visitors form Australia on Tuesday night were also very much amused by it :)

The rest five weeks will be full with creating a whole new collection of products. There will be new materials and new desings, but the old ones won’t be forgotten. New materials are always fun to play with.

Is our Instagram account kenanaeurope already familiar? There will be more photos from here, Njoro, of this beautiful place and it's marvellous people.


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Salla Thure