Wool for the toys for Kenana Knitters comes from local women and families who gather it from surrounding areas. They card it and spin it to yarn and then takes it to Kenana. Usually the yarn sellers come on Monday. Helen and Tabitha together with John weight the yarn and then, depending on what color is short in balance, Monica and Susan starts the dyeing.

They pick the leaves, and then boil water, the yarn and the leaves…

Yarn in boiling water


boil some time depending on the depth of the color needed...


Color is deeper the longer yarn is boiled


add a thing that keeps the mold out, wash it and dry it...


To keep away the mold!


And knit it!


Monica's responsibility is to dye the yarn


Using leaves, flowers and vegetables is the secret behind earthy tones in the favourite toys and home accessories. Different ones and shades heve been found with experimenting over the years. For example beetroot gives different shade of pink according the seasons!


Flowers give yellowish tint

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