Shelter home co-operation


Weranna's started in September 2014 a low-profile support project. When purchasing one of our Kenana Knitters toys in any sales event we are present, we give 5 e to charity for each sold toy. You can yourself decide which shelter you would like to support - either in Finland or in Kenya. Please read more below:




The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters is a national child welfare organisation founded in Finland in 1945 to help single mothers and their children. As society has changed, the Federation has concentrated more on providing support for the family as a whole. It is particularly concerned with helping families in need and with the prevention of problems.


Narok Shelter Home


Kimargo sisters Rose and Marie spent the usual little girl's life in Mao village on the mountains of the Masai area in Kenya. Childhood was happy: the girls had many siblings and goats and sheep as pets. The girls liked going to school and the future looked bright. Everything changed in 2004. It was time to circumcise then 6 year old Rose and 7 year old Marie so that they could be sold at a good price as concubines. The father several times arranged his daughters to be circumcised but they always succeeded to flee from home with the help of a local Full Gospel church. In 2008 the girls finally escaped and were given a place in a Shelter Home in Narok kept by the church.


In the shelter home girls can study safely. Now 13 year old Rose is on eighth grade and dreams of being a teacher or a nurse while 14 year old Marie being a policeman or lets say policewoman☺. In future these sisters would love to set up a same style shelter home based in their childhood area Mao.


-I would like to save all Masai girls from circumcision. Girls need to be told: no one should accept mutilation!


In practice all the Masai girls have to go through this violent ritual as reaching the adulthood. The horrible pain causes many girls lifelong traumas and during the ritual the girl may even bleed to death. Many girls end up having severe depression even psychosis and mental and sleep disorders as results of these traumatic memories. Although mutilation is now a crime in Kenya it is very difficult to eradicate this centuries-old tradition of nomadic tribes. We can fight against the violence only by educating the girls and the whole society.


Narok town Full Gospel Church saw the need of the Masai girls and the shelter home was founded in 1999. Fida International has supported the home since 2003. In the shelter home girls can attend school up to university level without the fear of the circumcision and forced marriage. Fida International supports the Church to maintain the shelter home and do preventive work against female circumcision and forced marriages.

Shelter home co-operation