A wonderful long weekend at the beach. Could there be anything more relaxing? Bringing your loved ones with you. Spending a few lazy days playing in the sand, napping in the hammock chair, treating your senses to the full - the scents, the views, the ultimate feeling of all-natural materials on your skin.


Beach house


This is what the Spring/Summer 2015 of Weranna's feels like. We can't anything but recommend the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere of Kust Strandhuisjes in Katweijk an Zee in the Netherlands. Sometimes you see a photo, and you think - no, it won't be like this. This was more like that. A beautiful, relaxing fish restaurant just beside the beach houses. No noise, no rush. Just time to relax.


















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Victoria basket, GIANT
Kikoi runner, banana tree


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Kikoi runner, banana tree
Kenana Knitter Critters zebra
Kikoi bowl, banana tree

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Sisal korg

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Kikoi runner, banana tree

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Kikoi runner, banana tree

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